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Laura - Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Ante/Post Natal Specialist

I was never a naturally sporty person when I was younger so I know exactly how it feels to be at the beginning of a fitness journey – and how intimidating it can be! I discovered that progress only happened when I focused on technique, patience and consistency. This is what I bring to my sessions as a Personal Trainer and it has been incredibly rewarding to watch my client’s progress and develop their own passion for fitness.

I studied with LDN Muscle in 2016 to gain my Level 2 and 3 qualifications in fitness instructing and personal training and since have also earned qualifications in Nutrition Coaching and Ante/Post Natal Exercise, both of which I am extremely passionate about.

I am here to build your confidence within the gym and find what motivates you. I also love the holistic side of fitness which not only keeps the body healthy, but the mind as well. I’m an advocate for keeping fitness fun and interesting and am on a mission to show ladies that weight training won’t make you bulky – it will make you lean and strong!