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Matt - Personal trainer

I find practicing sport and being fit two nice ways to enjoy my life. I have gained different personal sports experiences not just practicing but training people in both face – to – face and group contexts, getting acquainted with different methods of training and techniques.

After my honours degree in Sports and Exercise Science and my Master in Sports Conditioning, I got my Level 3 Personal Training certificate with the aim to expand my knowledge further, still keeping myself active in planning my personal pathway to give the best service ever to whom asks for my help.

I see having exercise like an art thanks to each one can express own personality and potentiality. My idea of training is tailoring a programme according to your personal needs and aims, following a coherent thread but full – of – different – stimulus sessions at the same time. I like considering our body under a holistic point of view, reason why I see planning and organization the basics of every single gym programme.