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Alex - Personal Trainer

I’ve always been active, dancing competitively for several years as a teen. However once I stopped dance I realised I needed to do something to keep my fitness levels up – so I joined the gym. I loved it right from the get go, especially once I discovered that the gym can be so much more than spending an hour on the treadmill! I loved the process of learning new exercises and understanding how they work each muscle and the effect this will have, so I trained to be a Personal Trainer.

I have trained a wide variety of individuals so understand that everyone is unique, and that we all prefer different styles and approached to training. I’m passionate able helping others discover the style of training that they love, so that training can naturally become part of their lifestyle, creating the best version of yourself.

I seek to create fun, challenging and effective training sessions created specifically for your goals, with lots of motivation, advice and support along the way!